Empowering a bright future for digital care

The Smart Hub is Tunstall’s latest IP home unit, opening a new world of possibilities for the provision of care in the home. With digital connectivity and Tunstall’s new Device Management Platform, the Smart Hub provides a ground-breaking, future-proof foundation for the delivery of digital care.

IP Empowered

Designed to address upcoming changes in communication infrastructures

Cloud-based Freedom

Supported by Tunstall’s cloud based Device Management Platform to deliver new features and services

Future Proof

To support the move to enhanced data rich services

Smart Hub

Opening a new world of possibilities for the provision of care in the home

Cutting edge technology

Combining the world of cellular and ethernet connectivity to provide robust network connectivity both today and tomorrow.

• Cloud-based connected care
• Designed to address upcoming network infrastructure changes
• Future 24/7 real time wellbeing and monitoring


Supported by Tunstall’s latest monitoring software platform PNC 8, the Device Management Platform enables robust asset management, enabling the technology to be effectively monitored, managed and configured remotely over the air for maximum efficiency.

Smart technology, connecting service users with care professionals in real time


The Smart Hub retains core Lifeline functionality by connecting to Tunstall’s existing range of care sensors.

Round the clock monitoring, linking service users with immediate assistance from anywhere in their home.

Heartbeat checking provides continuous and monitoring of Smart Hubs in use ensuring they are active and connected to mains power, with long battery life to protect users in the event of an outage.

Built upon a platform offering over the air updates enabling new services to be easily and quickly introduced as they are developed including smart phone apps, allowing family, friends and professional carers to monitor the users’ wellbeing 24/7.

Cloud-based technology delivered through our Device Management Platform

Intelligent Connectivity

The Smart Hub provides data rich connectivity by incorporating cellular and ethernet technology with an integrated and inclusive cellular SIM service removing the complexity of SIM card provision.

Efficient Remote Management

Smart Hubs are registered, configured and updated remotely, minimising disruption for the service user and reducing the need and cost of maintenance visits.

- Low cost tariff, fully inclusive min/data

- OT firmware download data included

- Fully roaming, non steered SIM for optimum connectivity

Event Log

The DMP can extract and report on relevant performance analytics for all linked devices from the Smart Hub, giving service providers real time access to vital data.

Technical Specification